IP Address54.224.168.206
Region Virginia
US / United States
Latitude / Longitude39.048100, -77.472800
Time ZoneAmerica/New_York
Postal Code20149
OrgAmazon.com, Inc.

API : Quick Start
Simple & fast programmatic IP address lookup for your website & mobile app

Complete location in JSON format for an IP address (
curl https://ipapi.co/

"ip" : ""
"city" : "Mountain View"
"region" : "California"
"region_code" : "CA"
"country" : "US"
"country_name" : "United States"
"postal" : "94040"
"latitude" : 37.3845
"longitude" : -122.0881
"timezone" : "America/Los_Angeles"
"asn" : 15169
"org" : "Google Inc."
Specific field for an IP address (
curl https://ipapi.co/
curl https://ipapi.co/
Mountain View
curl https://ipapi.co/
curl https://ipapi.co/
curl https://ipapi.co/
Google Inc.
(field : ip, city, region, country, postal, latitude, longitude, timezone, latlong, asn, org)

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We strive to offer the best IP address location API
A blazing fast API with geographically distributed servers that scale automatically with load.
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Diverse client base includes firms in e-commerce, logistics, automotive, gaming, SaaS etc. located all over the globe.
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IPv4 & IPv6 support. Database updated regularly.

Why do I need an IP lookup API ?

  • Automatically detect & display a user's city / country / timezone from your website or mobile app.
    (even if location tracking is turned off)
  • Customize the content of your website / mobile app for a user's geographical location.
    (e.g. news, weather, store locations, currency, flag etc.)
  • Automatically redirect users to country specific websites.
  • Find your external IP address with an API.
  • Display a user's location on a map.
    (accuracy ranges from city to postal code level)
  • Bulk IP lookup - a tool for batch lookup of IP addresses.
    (e.g. for user analytics, log files etc.)
  • Filter out bad bots & crawlers based on region / country.
  • A format that fits your stack : JSON, JSONP, XML, CSV & YAML.